Essential Tips for Printing Highly Effective Marketing Brochures

With the proliferation of digital media, you would think that businesses no longer consider print media an integral part of their marketing strategies. However, nothing could be further from the truth because printed brochures are still very popular as far as marketing goes. In fact, brochures are the best form of advertising for small startups due to their low cost. That said, only high-quality brochures can effectively create brand awareness, increase sales and give the right impression. This article highlights tips for printing highly effective marketing brochures.  

Get the Cover Right 

A brochure's front page largely determines a customer's first impression. Therefore, if the print work on a brochure's front page is underwhelming, the chances are high that your target audience will not bother to look at what is inside. Do not be tempted to put every bit of information on the cover to grab the audience's attention. Include enough information to raise curiosity so that your audience turns the page. For instance, a quality image and a well-positioned headline are enough to entice your readers. Anything over the top will only overwhelm your audience.

Consider Exotic Fold Design 

There are different ways to fold a brochure, but the tri-fold is arguably the most common in the world of print and design. The reason is that tri-fold brochures are easy to read once you open them. However, when thinking about different types of brochure folds, do not settle for the ordinary. Instead, think of different ways to enhance your readers' experience every time they open your brochure. Creative folds are exciting to read and make your readers open the pages. Some readers even admit to picking brochures not because of the content but due to the uniqueness of the folds. For example, exotic folds are non-standardised styles, which give flyers a fancy, luxurious edge. Although exotic folds need special equipment, you cannot argue with the return on investment.

Use Blank Space Strategically 

The last thing you should do when printing marketing brochures is filling every inch with texts and graphics. Doing so only overwhelms and confuses a reader as they struggle to make sense of a brochure's content. Instead, focus on giving your readers' eyes a break occasionally, which means using blank spaces appropriately. Spacing out margins and paragraphs allows intended elements to stand out without underwhelming other aspects of a flyer. Besides, proper utilisation of empty space lowers printing costs.

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