Bulk Duplication Services: Looking for a Suitable device Provider

Sometimes a large order of CDs, DVDs or manufactured discs is required urgently for various reason, such as take away CDs for a seminar. In such a case, a reliable duplication service provider is needed to handle the order promptly without compromising the quality of the CDs/DVDs.

You may opt to hire any contractor from the yellow pages or the web to handle the project, but making such a random choice could lead to problems if the service provider is not professional. Hence, if you want to hire a duplication service company that is professional and can be relied on for future projects, here are some useful tips.

Reputable services

You could look up duplication service companies in your area via the internet; however, it is recommended to start your search by asking other businesses for recommendations on companies they have hired before for duplication services.

It is essential to get the recommendations from businesses or individuals who regularly require bulk duplicating because they are better suited to inform you of the best duplication companies they have worked with in the past. For each recommendation you get, make sure to inquire about the company's capacity, professionalism as well as their ability to meet tight deadlines.

Request quotations for the duplication services

Once you have your list of recommended contractors, ask each to provide an estimate for the bulk duplication service. Price estimates should include the service fee as well as the cost of the duplicated CDs/DVDs. While examining the cost estimates, it is essential to ask each duplication service provider if they can provide a discount on the job, considering it is in bulk, so as to reduce the overall cost for the job. However, a reasonably priced quote and a favourable discount offer is not a guarantee for timely completion or quality work.

Work capacity and timely delivery

If the duplication order requires urgent delivery, the work capacity of the contractor needs to be verified to avoid delays. So start by asking the potential contractors to provide a timeline on which they can get the job done and delivered.

Make sure to verify they can meet the timeline they claim by inspecting the production capacity of the duplicating equipment they use as well as their human resource capacity.

Added services

The CDs/DVDs may need to get printed, and the digital content in them may also require various modifications such as photo-shopping some pictures, adding music or editing videos. If you need such additional services, on top of the duplication, it is advisable to hire a duplication service provider who will provide everything under one roof.