How to Make Your Workers Stop Ignoring Safety Signs

While comprehensive signage is one of the best ways to prevent accidents at your workplace, those signs only work if your employees are paying attention to them. If you've seen an increase in accidents (or near accidents) despite your posters and plaques, it could be a sign that your workers are becoming 'blind' to those safety notices. Here are 3 ways to get your employees to keep their eye on the signs that keep them safe.

Get New Signs Printed

One of the most common reasons why workers begin ignoring safety signs is that they've seen them too much. Even the most eye-catching sign can start to blend in with its surroundings when you look at it multiple times a day. The easiest way to make sure workers start noticing these signs again is to get new ones installed. Contact a professional in digital printing with experience in health and safety signage; they'll be able to provide you with a less familiar sign design that still adheres to your state's OHS rules. Keep refreshing your signs every so often to ensure that they never go unnoticed.

Don't Place Them Too Close Together

Familiarity isn't the only reason why workers don't pay attention to signs. Signs can also be difficult to adhere to when workplace safety managers make the mistake of placing them too close together. While clustering signs may seem like a sensible idea, it can actually overwhelm workers and make them ignore the messages altogether. Where possible, try to space safety signs out in a logical manner. For example, if there's a hazardous area of your workplace that needs a hard hat sign and a fire risk sign, consider not putting them next to each other. Instead, place the former at the area's entrance and the latter closer to the source of the fire hazard.

Merge Multiple Signs Into One

If you don't have the space to place signs far apart from each other or if all the signs need to be in the same place for safety reasons, another way to make sure they're noticed is to merge similar signs into one. This allows workers to get all the information they need without having to scan a whole wall full for signage. For example, a hard hat sign, a high visibility jacket sign, and a protective footwear sign can all be consolidated into one PPE sign with 3 symbols on it. Ask your printer about getting custom merged signs printed to suit your needs.